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A cigar for friends

Intended for friends – made for friends!

PARCERO: Hecho a manoThe great thing about life is that it’s often the chance encounters that make the best stories. The history of PARCERO is one such story. Arising from the unwritten tradition of our trocedores of using a handful of carefully selected tobacco to roll cigars for their own enjoyment. Cigars that are then likely smoked amongst friends enjoying a relaxed round of the Caribbean national sport of dominoes.

One of these creations quickly found high praise, and it became clear that it was destined for greater things. And what could be a more fitting name for the history of this cigar then PARCERO = Friend.


A cigar intended for friends and made for friends. A wonderful homage to friendship and a wonderful opportunity to say thanks. Without the need for grand statements.

Gracias, Parcero!

(Thank you, my friend)

Parcero cigars are an homage
to friendship

Friendship often occurs by chance, is a silent companion and becomes more valuable the longer it lasts. It enriches our life, spans space and time, and gifts us special moments whenever we encounter it. It requires no grand statements or gestures, yet is still something wonderful ... True friendship. This is its cigar: PARCERO – the Caribbean term for friend. Discover all the formats of the PARCERO Dominicano and the new PARCERO Brasil now.

PARCERO (Detailansicht)

PARCERO Dominicano cigars are aromatic, walnutty, earthy, with exciting coffee notes.

Here’s to friendship!

Friendship with Caribbean or
sweet-Brazilian notes

PARCERO comes from the very heart of the Dominican Republic. The cigars are hand-rolled at Arnold André Dominicana. Aficionados can select the PARCERO Dominicano and PARCERO Brasil in the three classic formats Robusto, Toro and Churchill.

PARCERO Dominicano PARCERO Brasil

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