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Recognition for top quality and high quality standards

Arnold André is now the first German company to join the exclusive circle of ProCigar as an active member.

Founded in 1992, the association of leading cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic advocates binding quality standards and high ethical, moral and social requirements in manufacturing in order to maintain and further expand the Dominican Republic‘s status as the world‘s leading exporter of premium cigars.

„It is a great honor for us!“

„It is both a great honor and recognition of our work for us to be unanimously accepted as a member of the exclusive quality association ProCigar, now the twelfth member,“ says Hauke Luckow, Managing Director Arnold André Dominicana. „For us and our employees, this is further motivation to consistently focus on the highest quality and to inspire cigar lovers around the world with new creations from the Dominican Republic.“

Arnold André Dominicana

Back in 2011 - just under 200 years after the founding of Arnold André – the company from Bünde decided to build one of the most modern cigar factories in Santiago de los Caballeros / Dominican Republic. Since 2015, the hand-rolled longfi ller cigars and 100% tobacco cigarillos have been manufactured in Santiago. A very good decision, because it quickly became apparent that the local people and especially the Torcedores have an enormous knowledge of tobacco and impressive craftsmanship to perfectly implement the high quality standards of Arnold André.

Modern manufacturing standards, according to which the handmade premium cigars are produced, and a strict control of every single cigar before it leaves the house, guarantee a consistently high quality and a strong brand promise that is kept in every case. Maintaining these standards requires employees who share a passion for cigars and have the determination to contribute all their knowledge and exceptional skills. Today, more than 400 local employees work locally for Arnold André Dominicana, producing cigars for the exclusive CARLOS ANDRÉ Family Reserve brand,the globally successful Buena Vista brand, as well as the friendship cigar Parcero and the most typical Dominican cigar Montosa.

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