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Formats for Friends

PARCERO Brasil. Friendship with sweet-Brazilian notes.

The PARCERO Brasil creates a wonderful friendship between the Mata Fina (Brazil) wrapper, the Sumatra Seed (Mexico) binder and the Mata Fina (Brasil, Criollo and Piloto Dominicano) filler. The sweet-Brazilian components of the cigars are made for easy enjoyment with a mild, yet tangy aroma.


PARCERO Brasil Robusto

Length: 125 mm ·Diameter: 19,8 mm If the sugar loaf were a cigar, it would be the PARCERO Brasil Robusto. Uncomplicated, sweet, mild and tangy with nutty aromas: every puff brings sunshine out of this Brazilian cigar, which is also sure to find firm friends amongst beginners.


PARCERO Brasil Toro

Length: 150 mm ·Diameter: 19,8 mm Tastes like a sunset with a bossa nova rhythm. Brazilian ease paired with wonderfully sweet and nutty, tangy aromas for enjoyment and friendship that lingers to the very end. Copacabana at sunset with friends.


PARCERO Brasil Churchill

Length: 170 mm ·Diameter: 19,8 mm As fine and exhilarating as a whole samba line that reveals new encounters along its entire length. The Churchill gives all the aromas plenty of time and space to enjoy all the individual notes and nuances. Mild, nutty and tangy with a pleasant sweetness.

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