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Formats for Friends

PARCERO Dominicano. Friendship with Caribbean notes.

Without a doubt, the Claro Mexico wrapper and the Negro San Andres binder together with Piloto Dominicano as well as the rarely used Pennsylvania tobacco filler have formed a very special friendship in this cigar. Wonderfully aromatic, earthy and walnutty, with exciting coffee notes. A combination that each of the three formats has interpreted in its own unique and inspiring way.


PARCERO Dominicano Robusto

Length: 125 mm · Diameter: 19,8 mm Robusto is the format that perfectly combines strong, walnutty and earthy aromas with the roasted Caribbean coffee notes. A pleasure that constantly strives to surpass itself, particularly in the final third. Enjoyment that is also sure to find friends amongst beginners.


PARCERO Dominicano Toro

Length: 150 mm · Diameter: 19,8 mm Although strong, Toro is certainly not a cigar that you need to grab by the horns. The roasted coffee notes have a hint of sweetness and provide an interesting and pleasing combination with the walnut-nutty and earthy aromas for enjoyment right to the end.


PARCERO Dominicano Churchill

Length: 170 mm · Diameter: 19,8 mm As you can expect from large formats: they give all the aromas time and space to unfold and develop perfectly to allow you to concentrate on every single note and nuance. For which you have all the time in the world. A true pleasure and friendship.

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